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April 14th, 2011

What is your Hybrid model about?

by AskSage

Dear Sage,

What is your Hybrid model about? How does it differ from VC’s and Angel Investors? Looking forward to your response.

Regards, Tim


Dear Tim,

Great questions.

1) A venture capitalist’s (group) purpose is to invest into promising companies in exchange for as much stock, control and profit share for their capital investment as they can get.

2) An angel investor’s purpose is (typically) to invest into promising young companies he/she falls in love with, believes in their product/service and/or founder(s) and enables these companies to take their business from ideation to conceptualization to being ready to either go to market, or to attract the next round of investors (i.e. VC’s). In exchange they receive stock and- the eternal gratitude of the founder(s). Often angel investors can also be friends and family. Some invest in a multitude of different businesses in order to ‘spread their risk’.

3) Personal Business Advisor’s hybrid model purpose is to identify (typically) younger companies with a promising product/service who are in need of executive talent, and additional working capital to take their company to the next level.

These executives provide their experience/expertise/industry contacts PLUS “skin in the game” in exchange for becoming a partner and six-figure-salaried executive in that company.

As you can see, all three concepts are very different in nature, purpose and approach. Personal Business Advisors invented the hybrid model almost a decade ago and is the only firm in the U.S. to offer these opportunities on a broad base.

If you are interested in learning more about the specifics and explore those hybrid positions that might be a good match for your background and expertise, feel free to contact your/a Personal Business Advisor to set up an appointment for an introductory/matchmaking call. He/she will provide this service at no cost to you.

Sincerely, Sage

Ask Sage A Question

March 31st, 2011

What happened to my job applications?

by AskSage

Hello Sage,

I’m a former CFO for a large IT company, have sent out 6,000+ job applications over the last 22 months, yet have only heard back from a dozen or so companies. Most of them simply thanked me for submitting my résumés and few invited me to an interview (needless to say, none of them offered me a position).

My question is: What do you believe happened to all these job applications? Are they being read? Do they disappear in cyberspace?

Respectfully, Ken


Dear Ken,

First of all, I’m very sorry for your experience, which unfortunately has become the new norm for most of our peers. On average, hiring authorities and recruiters today receive more than 3,000 job applications for every advertised senior-level-executive position. Nobody can sort through this onslaught of data.

Most recruiters then sort through these by ‘boiling it down’ via electronic key word search, so they end up with some 100 (0.03% of all submitted) résumés.

They then read the first (electronically formatted) paragraphs of each of these résumés, to find out if the summary of qualifications meets what the client company is looking for. Then they narrow it down quickly to half of that (50/0.016%), so it becomes a more manageable ‘mass’.

Of these 50, they typically are not interested in interviewing more than 15 or so via telephone (0.005%) and it’s only those who normally get some sort of notification. The rest goes into/stays in one big database…

The issue is obvious: Too many (qualified) candidates and not enough positions.

Ken, you DO have options. You may want to reach out to your Personal Business Advisor or  write to [info @]


Sincerely, Sage